Instant vs Download Casinos: A Comparison of Their Main Features

instant casino

During the years following the advent of the online gambling industry, fans of wagering in cyberspace had few if any options on how they got to play their favorite titles at their establishment of choice.

However, this lack of options which once characterized that era is now a thing of the past. At present, betting website clients all over the world, including Canada, have the choice of deciding on their preferred means of accessing the games they wish to play: by either downloading an establishment's software or by accessing them via their browsers.

Instant Casinos: Playing in Your Browser

Several gambling establishments are capable of providing clients with an enjoyable experience via a browser. Under these circumstances, all that is required on the part of the customer is completing the registration process and following additional procedures such as making a deposit and opting for a welcome bonus.

Once these steps have been completed, they will be able to access the majority of the website's offerings. Establishments that provide this option are popularly referred to as instant wagering websites and are currently one of the most popular available.

The advantages they offer include the convenience of not having to spare any space on your hard drive and being able to access the game of your choice right away without having to download any apps or software.

As a result, they can also be accessed using any device including a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, it is worth noting that selecting this option may not provide you with access to a casino's entire games catalog.

Download Casinos: Opting for the Website's Software

download casino

Once the only available option, gambling websites in this category, i.e. those which require you to download the client software, are preferred by clients who wish to experience the full range of a gambling operator's games collection.

The advantage of making this choice lies in the fact that you will be less dependent on internet connectivity to a certain extent. You will also be able to enjoy a richer gaming experience in terms of graphics and sound effects.

One of the main drawbacks of this option includes the fact that it lacks the flexibility of instant play casinos which make it possible for you to play from any device of your choosing. This is due to the fact that you will have to use the desktop or laptop on which the software has been saved.


Whether you decide to opt for an instant or a download casino will depend on the style of gaming which suits you the most. If you prefer enjoying wagering games on the move, or prefer the convenience which comes with being able to play on any device of your choosing, you will most likely prefer the former option.

However, if you prefer playing in the comfort of your home and enjoying a more immersive experience, you will most likely prefer to opt for the latter. It is worth noting that you will need to ensure that the establishment you choose has been issued a license by a reputable regulatory body in order to avoid downloading software from websites which may insert viruses into their software.

Taking this precaution will ensure you are able to play securely and get the most out of the experience as a result.